In case you were wondering, the image above was taken while walking between Robin Hood’s Bay and Whitby (in the UK), two of the many places in which I don’t live, but wish I did.  In reality I live in Lincoln, somewhat south of this picture, which is a lovely city, but lacks the sea.

This is, I think, the third time I’ve started a blog on here.  Each time I had the best of intentions, which soon dissipated in the face of the effort, time and creativity needed to find things to write about.  I’m determined that, this time, I’ll persevere!

The primary purpose of this site relates to my efforts as a writer, mostly of fiction, but not always.  I will have 3 novels and (hopefully) three volumes of short stories available for purchase/download in the coming weeks, and will be presenting snippets and excerpts from current and new work in posts on here.  So, if you’re interested, please check back now and then…